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IT Staffing 

Edge Global works closely with our clients to understand their technical staffing needs and to meet those needs with only the most qualified IT professionals. We employ a proven methodology for the selection of talented professionals from the vast pool of resources available in today’s competitive labor market.

At Edge Global, we understand the issues faced by organizations as they tackle the challenges of a complex IT environment. As technology projects and ongoing support efforts have increasingly become ingrained in the day-to-day operations in companies of all sizes, proper IT staffing has become critical. 

We work with our clients to identify their IT staffing requirements and meet those requirements by providing the most qualified technical resources within a very competitive cost structure. We listen closely to our clients’ needs and then deploy our proven candidate selection process to determine the right resource for the job.


We understand your needs first before finding the right talent for you. Each candidate goes through a selection process to verify experience, education, and technical skills. This helps us ensure that we only provide you with the top-class talent you deserve.

Our IT & Healthcare Staffing Services include:
⦁    Direct Hire Strategy 
⦁    Contract Consultants
⦁    Payroll/ HR Services
⦁    Onsite Recruiting


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