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Banking & Financial Services

Edge Global helps clients get a strong competitive advantage and attain better cost-efficiency with its IT Staffing and managed services. We go above and beyond to provide exceptional end-user experience that yields higher client retention, improved customer loyalty, and higher revenues for our customers. Our worldwide presence and dedicated team of professionals ensure that our services span the entire customer lifecycle.

Why Choose Edge Global For Banking & Financial Services?

⦁    The cutting-edge infrastructure that facilitates uninterrupted services.
⦁    Proven capability to provide a wide range of existing and emerging technologies.
⦁    A perfect blend of experience, expertise, process, synergy, and dedication to deliver world-class service and deliver to our clients’ expectations.
⦁    Cost-efficiency via better turnaround and higher success ratio.


Today, communication service providers have to focus more on retaining existing customers than simply acquiring new customers. This means it’s no longer enough to have mediocre performance. Edge Global helps communication service providers take their services to the next level. We help them earn their customers’ trust and love, which ensures better customer loyalty and retention. Our outsourcing solutions can help communication service providers with their operations, IT, and business functions and help them succeed with their strategies.

Why Choose Edge Global For Communications?

⦁    Highly reliable IT and network infrastructure.
⦁    100% commitment to customer satisfaction and years of experience working across the communication industry.
⦁    Unique global engagement model to help you choose the sourcing strategies best suited to your requirements.

Consumer Goods

At Edge Global, our services for the Consumer Goods industry help clients overcome the problems in all areas including fashion, food and non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, home and personal care, and consumer health. We support consumer goods businesses with their day-to-day challenges and support their development. 

Why Choose Edge Global For Consumer Goods?

⦁    Leveraging IT to help consumer good businesses open new roads to success. 
⦁    Supporting peak performance of our clients in various arenas including staffing, business performance, and IT strategy.
⦁    Scalable level of management and oversight of the team, while the client always maintains control of the overall initiative.


The healthcare industry is a complex system that needs cutting-edge scientific advancement, dedicated research and study, and a genuine understanding of patient needs. At Edge Global, we understand that the patient needs take top priority, not only for the sake of patient well-being, but also for companies that serve the healthcare industry to retain a positive brand perception. That's why we are committed to empowering healthcare companies to adopt technology solutions in every aspect of care.

Why Choose Edge Global For Healthcare?

⦁    Planning and scheduling needed for the resource on-boarding process.
⦁    Management of the team’s communication, plan, and schedule as well as strategy.
⦁    The regular measurement of weekly, monthly, and quarterly metrics to keep the team on task and to ensure efficient delivery.


Investment in good technology and good IT systems is vital for a functioning insurance business. With Edge Global managed IT service, an insurance office can have everything they need to succeed at their fingertips, with access to a fully staffed IT department for a fraction of the in-house cost.

Why Choose Edge Global For Insurance?

⦁    24/7 helpdesk support that’ll become an extension of your team and understand your business’s unique needs.
⦁    IT solutions your business needs to run at full capacity
⦁    Affordable rate with no surprise expenses or hidden fees.
⦁    Secure IT infrastructure to give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your business, not your IT.


The manufacturing industry has been evolving the way it’s doing business through cost control and innovative approaches to its continuously changing logistics, supply chain, management, and distribution strategies. With large-scale infrastructure projects, these companies seek Edge Global services that accelerate value.

Why Choose Edge Global For Manufacturing?

⦁    Constant communication to ensure the project is moving along in a way that meets or exceeds your expectations.
⦁    Support in establishing international production facilities in an effort to reduce labor costs.
⦁    Services to place the ideal talent at your disposal in order to solve that immediate staffing or project need.


At Edge Global, we help retail organizations stay free from ongoing tech support and maintenance efforts so that they can focus their attention on innovation and the high quality customer interactions that are critical in this space to ensure profitability. Our technology consulting and staffing solutions enable retailers to assess their current state, make the appropriate shift in culture and skills to support the product delivery timeline, and deliver high quality solutions to internal and external customers.

Why Choose Edge Global For Retail?

⦁    Seamless cost solution model lets you accurately budget and forecast your IT investment.
⦁    Benefit from the expertise of our IT team whose retail industry experience and cutting-edge technology tools help support your network so you can support your clients and employees.
⦁    Proactive monitoring of your IT environments, identifying and solving problems before you even know they exist.


Enterprise transformation is a huge and disruptive undertaking that needs vast resources including training, process, and cultural shifts. Edge Global enables market leaders to make the necessary shifts in their organizations to deliver on the promise of next generation technology through agile and creative consulting, staffing solutions, and managed services.

Why Choose Edge Global For Technology?

⦁    Integrated and sophisticated strategies and solutions to help keep pace with or to surpass the competition.
⦁    Enterprise-class IT support for small and medium-tech businesses.
⦁    Transformative technology that moves at a lightning speed.


Both small and large companies in transportation turn to digital products to transform the transport experience and make the industry even more connected. We equip our customers with advanced transportation industry solutions to keep people and goods on the move. We also offer swift incident management to help keep your enterprise prepared for unexpected disruptions, fix them ASAP, and return your business to an operational state.

Why Choose Edge Global For Transportation?

⦁    Extensive tech support that keeps a close eye on initial notifications so that we can respond immediately. 
⦁    Multi-faceted capabilities, an individual approach, and a variety of engagement models that can be adjusted to your business needs and meet your budget objectives.
⦁    A thorough view of the health of your networks, applications, and security infrastructure before vulnerabilities occur.

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